I think that the indicator introduces this time is quite convenient though there are some indicators of Breakout. As for the idea of the Breakout strategy, seeing by using this indicator once might be good.


Breakout sees the box of a basically specific time zone and currency pair, and the entry becomes a basic strategy in the place that went out of there.


This indicator sets the first box period with PeriodA begin and end in the red frame part on the parameter setting screen and the left. Afterwards, the time of the second the box ending in PeriodB end is set.
I think that the usage becomes a thing of entry in the place got out from the second box.

I think that it is an indicator because it can easily set the box that becomes big help of the Breakout strategy construction though it thinks the usage to become each person.

Download:5 Min Breakout.ex4

It introduces the strategy with which various conditions are combined with EUR/USD based on the London time at the introduction origin.
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