Oscillator indicator

There are types of as various as the momentum index and the technical index oscillators.

It introduces the indicator of typical MT4 this time.


ATR Average True Range

The width of the range is measured.It is possible to use it for the arrangement standard etc. of the stop.

Download ATR.mq4

ADX Average Directional Movement Index

Index that measures strength of trend.As a result, it judges whether for the trend to continue or to end and to face it.

Download Advanced_ADX.mq4 It displays it by the histogram.

MACD Moving Average Convergence

It is used to forecast and to confirm the trend conversion.It is judged the conversion of the trend as MACD intersects with two lines of the signal.Generally, it is used with DMI.

Download MACD.mq4 It changes as displayed in two lines

DMI Divergence Trading Method

Is the directionality of the trend with +-DI It judges it from two lines of DI.Generally, it is used together with ADX.

Download DMI.mq4

RSI Relativie Strength Index

It is bought from the width of the vertical movement of the price in a certain period too much, and sales too much are judged. It is bought too much by 70% or more, and it is judged sales too much by 30% or less.

Download RSI.mq4


The resistance of two (resistance line) and the support (lower price support line) are used respectively on the assumption of amplitude centering on the axis with the price.Purchase is signed when selling, and repulsing it from the support when falling from resistance in the box market price.

Download Pivot.mq4


It is bought too much, and it uses it to judge the level of sales too much.It is sold too much and it judges it by 30% or less purchase too much by 70% or more.

Download Stochastic.mq4


There is a divergence in the oscillator. Inversion phenomenon that oscillator has fallen though price rises by RSI and RCI.Generally, signature that becomes conversion of market price

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