This EA was made EA based on the system named Cornflower Hourly System that existed in Forex Factory.It is possible to use it with various currencies though the thread was seen.The timeframes are five minutes.By the way, it is not possible to edit with the source because this file is “ex” form.

It is a system that seems to be able still to expect it in the improvement in the future because the version is v0.1. Appearance of trading first of all.
Please expand clicking though it is not thought that it is easy to see a little.


The loss has occurred in the vicinity where the price entered the vicinity of MA.
However, it is understood to have obtained the profit along the trend afterwards.

The period has become 30 in April since January 27 though the following are graphs.


Details of backtest

Cornflower EA

The parameter has been optimized in SL and the TP part this time.Both operation tests confirm with alpari and Fxpro and are safe.When the set file made with alpari was used with Fxpro, it was PF1.08. Therefore, I think that the adjustment is necessary again.Or, compatibility with alpari might be only good.

Link of EA:
Link of threads:

Set file download:Cornflower.set

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