Mr. foyoo is EA from which building in various indicators is made based on the indicator named vForce. It is very a good record in the open to the public image. However, there is a problem that it is not possible to operate depending on the broker due to the difference and the bug of the result.

One the respondent backing test was able to be done in Alpari in Fxpro though it did not move because of the error.


The period from December to April. It is a one hour of the Euro dollar. Another can use its time even in 15 minutes.


Here is what the author was contributing. The period is one year, and a one hour. Perhaps, enumerating it on in broker’s difference has resulted though the backing test was done with the set file used by this image this time.

vForce Like EA

It is a place of the right shoulder going up of the first image and about 246 times of the dealings frequency. The trend is generated, it enters on MA beautifully, and it goes.

vForce Like EA

Place to which it goes to lower from top of right shoulder going up. The loss had occurred greatly in the vicinity where the flow changed for the number of lots though the lot was calculated and it entered it.

I think that this EA becomes wonderful EA if it neatly adjusts it. Because the problem was variously written in the forum, you might see once.

EA link:vForce Like EA Trading System Forex

Indicator link:“vForce” the revolution Forex Factory


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