There are a lot of EA that uses Stochastic. It introduces one Stoch EA-mm-V4 in that.The author says that he or she opened the code to the public to want to improve the management function though the money management function and the trayring stop function have adhered to this EA.

By the way, Stoch EA-mm-V4 is made by using the Web service named Expert Advisor Builder for MetaTrader 4that the Japanese made. The code is also very beautiful because it is made from the builder. It might be good for study.

EA that used Stochastic Stoch EA-mm-V4

The latest version was customized a little by other users and had improved. The logic such as RSI is added.


The backing test was done with Fxpro. The period ended last April from December. The result changes greatly if the parameter is adjusted because the function of the trayring stop has adhered.


It is an image that the author had opened to the public. It becomes a beautiful right shoulder going up.

I think that you may still be necessary for the logic part the improvement, and verify it even by the foot of other currencies and time.

Only the set file made from Fxpro can be downloaded here. The download of EA is from the above-mentioned link.


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